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Help Shape the Future of the Modern Workplace

WorkSpace Connect provides a collaborative environment for IT, Real Estate/Facilities, and HR professionals to discover new insights and technologies that will help them create workspaces that meet the needs of the modern worker. 

WorkSpace Connect offers a unique opportunity for you to engage all of the enterprise decision-makers who are defining the future of digital workspaces, together in one place.

Connect with Engaged, Innovative Enterprise Leaders

WorkSpace Connect attendees are looking for technologies and strategies to create highly collaborative workspaces for the modern worker.

Whether your business provides IT hardware/software, office environments or enterprise services, WorkSpace Connect puts your products and services in front of enterprise decision-makers. Here are some of the types of attendees you can expect to engage with:

IT Decision-Makers

IT pros in enterprise IT, telecom and networking who need the latest information to ensure the technologies for the future of work integrate with the strategies and requirements being pursued by Real Estate/Facilities and Human Resources leaders within their enterprise.

Real Estate/Facilities Planners

Planners of new and existing workspaces who need to use information technology within those spaces to achieve the highest level of employee collaboration and satisfaction.

Human Resources Leaders

Leaders who must ensure that advanced workspace strategies and technologies are implemented in ways that attract the highest-quality workforce and address issues of employee satisfaction and privacy.

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