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You face a fast-changing market: WorkSpace Connect offers insights on how to develop a coherent workspace collaboration strategy.

  1. Learn how to integrate strategies for collaboration tools, workspace environments, and employee engagement
  2. Network with your colleagues and counterparts from enterprises driving the Future of Work
  3. Meet technology and office environment providers who are helping build the most compelling workspaces
  4. Tour leading-edge workspaces to see up close what works and how
  5. Get tips for "quick wins" that you can achieve now as you continue to build your strategy
  6. Separate the hype around "Future of Work" from the realities of implementing work environments in the real world
  7. Learn how specific technologies such as Video and Artificial Intelligence are already changing the workspace, and what the prospects are for the future
  8. Understand how to build a digital workplace that makes remote workers an integral part of the organization
  9. Hear from enterprise leaders who have experience strategizing and building the workspaces of the future
  10. Learn how to use data collection and analytics to improve employees' experience without compromising privacy or security

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