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Digital Workplace: All About the Ecosystem

As a business and technology concept, “digital workplace” has become increasingly important over the last year. Yet, how your enterprise defines the digital workplace may very well be dramatically different from any other company’s definition, as Adam Holtby, a principal analyst covering enterprise mobility and the digital workplace for research firm Omdia, says.
Holtby and his colleague, Tim Banting, practice leader for Omdia’s digital workplace research, have launched a new video series aimed at deciphering the digital workplace and providing guidance on how to approach a digital workplace strategically.
A first point to know is that digital workplace and digital transformation are similar but not synonymous, as Banting says. “Digital transformation is using digital technologies to better your business,” including the employee experience perspective and automating workflows. “But the digital workplace also takes into account things like the types of devices people use, the types of workspace or workplace personas … and how that all mixes together,” he explains.
That’s the key, Holtby agrees. “There are a lot of different moving parts … that make up this digital workplace concept.”
To hear more from Banting and Holtby on the digital workplace, tune into this video series. In episode one, below, the two elaborate on their definition of the digital workplace, discuss the various technologies and services that comprise the digital workplace ecosystem, and share their vision of how it plays out within an enterprise.

Stay tuned for additional episodes, and catch Banting and Holtby live at Enterprise Connect 2021, Sept. 27-29, in Orlando, Fla., where they'll be sharing more insight on digital workplace strategies and the future of work. Interested in attencing Enterprise Connect? As a WorkSpace Connect reader, you can receive $200 off your registration by using the code WSCAL200.