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Office Origami: Best Practices for Improving Video Meetings

Over the last 18 months, video meeting apps such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, and countless others, became the lifeblood of workplace communications and collaboration. However, in the rush to get everyone working remotely, many workplace leaders deployed technology on the fly and are now left asking: How do I create the best video experience for my employees?
To answer that question, we sat down with David Danto, director of UC strategy and research for Poly, on the latest episode of Office Origami to discuss all things video. In the episode, we explored how proper lighting, framing, and camera positioning can improve the video meeting experience. Then, we looked at how video is likely to evolve as we move into a hybrid-work environment — with some employees working from home and others back in office meeting rooms.

Below is a breakdown of the main topics discussed on this episode:
  • 1:10 What we’ve learned about video during the past 18 months
  • 2:45 Camera shaming
  • 4:55 Looking good
  • 8:54 Framing
  • 11:00 Importance of software and hardware
  • 15:45 Multi-service devices
  • 20:04 Simplification
  • 23:00 Why all meeting rooms need video
  • 24:10 Async video and video mail
  • 25:45 Persistent video
Some products and companies mentioned in this episode include: