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World FM Day: Acknowledging Facilities Management Leaders


Photograph showing upwards view of many office buildings
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With the gradual reopening of offices one location to the next, facilities managers have a chance to come into their own, perhaps with renewed energy and big aspirations of taking on more of a leadership role with their organizations, as I discussed in recent posts here and here. For those who have an interest in elevating their careers in facilities management (FM), the need for strategic discussions around the workplace of the future hopefully affords the opportunity to have their voices heard.
For these professionals, today — World FM Day — is a great day to sit up and claim recognition. As John Carrillo, chairman of Global FM, the designating body, writes in celebrating this day: “As people from around the world begin to emerge from their homes and return to the built environment to work … we are witnessing an incredible phenomenon for facility management. With a renewed importance being placed on human health and safety coupled with building sustainability and resilience, the facility manager today has been thrust into the center of the ‘Return To’ conversation.”
This year, Carrillo went on to write, is particularly special “since celebrating the work of FM has never been so important to all peoples of this world.”
Global FM has designated the theme for today as “standing tall beyond the pandemic.” We here at WorkSpace Connect wholeheartedly agree that facilities managers should indeed stand tall — not just for making workplaces a safe place to return to, but in providing essential perspective in crafting the connected, collaborative workspaces that help people thrive within the workplace and enable organizations to deliver on their missions.
Here’s to you!
If you’re in facilities management and would like to share your story, we’d love to hear it. Please contact us here