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Hybrid Workplace: What’s Next for Enterprise IT

As workplace strategists grapple with how to incorporate the lessons learned from the mass telecommuting experience of the pandemic, many IT leaders are on the hook to facilitate a new way of working — hybrid — from here on out.
But the hybrid model isn’t just about finessing a mixed workweek that has employees dividing their time between in-office and at-home days. It’s also about accommodating much more flexibility in what constitutes the workday. Granted with flexibility while working from home, some employees might have discovered that they really thrive — i.e., they’re more effectual, when they don’t need to adhere to the nine-to-five norm.
But if the post-pandemic corporate culture allows such flexibility, than IT will face some new hurdles, said Roy Illsley, chief analyst for IT ecosystem and operations at research firm Omdia, during his guest appearance on the latest episode of the firm’s Digital Workplace Sessions with analysts Tim Banting and Adam Holtby. “The challenge is, well, how do we support, how do we manage, and how do we embrace it, to make sure that it’s secure, governed, and is not actually going to cause any problems by having people work in two o’clock in the morning when traditional operations” calls for backing up files at that time,” he said.
To hear more from Illsley and his Omdia colleagues, click on the video player below. You’ll hear about the changing role of the CIO, modern technology investments for the new way of working, and more.