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Robin Partners With Logitech; Flimp Communications Releases HR Support Tool

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Welcome to the latest WorkSpace Connect News Wrap, our regular recap of the news related to the modern workplace, the professionals that make it happen, the products and services that enable it, and the research to inform workplace and workforce strategies. In this edition, we share the latest Robin integration and then look at Flimp Communications HR support service.
Robin Integrates With Logitech’s Tap Scheduler
Workplace platform provider Robin announced an integration with Logitech's Tap Scheduler, a room display device that allows employees to book collaborative spaces. With the integration, employees can find and reserve physical and virtual meeting spaces with Robin software from the Logitech Tap Scheduler. The integration will provide workplace leaders with data on space usage and analytics on how to optimize space usage.
“The blending of remote and in-office work is an ongoing challenge for many businesses,” said Sudeep Trivedi, head of Logitech’s video collaboration alliances and go-to-market. “Robin’s flagship workplace platform, now integrated with Tap Scheduler, offers scheduling and real-time analytics to ensure every square foot of the office supports employee productivity and engagement.”
Flimp Communications Launches Flimp 360
Digital employee communication and engagement provider Flimp announced the launch of Flimp 360, an HR support tool that provides employees with year-round education on topics like open enrollment, company policies, onboarding, voluntary benefits education, and more.
Designed to assist with benefits communications, Flimp 360 provides HR departments with the following capabilities:
  • Decision-support tools: HR professionals can use decision-support tools to help employee select their benefits. Employees can use the web-based Planselect tool to receive recommendations on what type of medical plan they should choose, based on personalized recommendations, while Flimp’s Benefitchoice tool uses an algorithm to provide recommendations and product information on voluntary benefits.
  • Multi-channel benefits-communication methods: To ensure benefit messages resonate with employees, HR professionals can leverage digital postcards, benefit microsites, benefit guides, QR codes, and text messages from Flimp.
  • A library of HR videos: Flimp 360 will come with a collection of more than 75 videos covering a variety of HR and benefits topics, available in English and Spanish. Additionally, Flimp offers several custom video options, including explainer videos that can be crafted around a specific brand or message.
  • Tracking tools for engagement metrics: All of Flimp’s videos and digital postcards come with tracking, hosting, distribution options, and project management capabilities.
"Decision-support tools alone are not enough to educate and inspire employees to appreciate the full value of their benefits. More work is needed to empower employees to act, and HR teams don't have the luxury of time or the design skills required to create compelling benefits-education campaigns, so that's where Flimp 360 comes in,” Wayne Wall, CEO and founder of Flimp Communications.