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Employee Wellbeing & Support, the Salesforce Way

As enterprises look to nurture wellness and engagement, many are turning to technology platforms that provide resources and apps for improving the employee experience and give workplace strategists the ability to track trends. One such platform,, comes from CRM provider Salesforce, which this week revealed a new suite of products for it.
Designed to centralize knowledge and employee services, provides a dedicated virtual workspace for employees and the ability to automate workflows. New products are:
  • Wellbeing — From within the Employee Workspace digital tool and resource hub, employees complete wellness checklists. A bot will then suggest content or other wellness support based on the responses, Salesforce said. Additionally, workplace leaders can tap into an admin dashboard to identify wellbeing trends and insights. Salesforce has partnered with wellness provider Thrive Global to deliver content for employee use, which will be available via the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Talent — This dashboard provides employees a view of their skills, developmental goals, and career guidance, Salesforce said. Employees will also have access to Salesforce’s online learning platform Trailhead, which features career-related content and resources. Managers and HR teams can leverage this data to find talent for new projects or roles, Salesforce added.
In addition, Salesforce revealed several new employee service offerings:
  • The HR Service Center — This portal is designed to streamline HR processes, allowing employees to search for answers to policy and benefits questions and complete HR tasks like updating direct deposits, Salesforce said. Additionally, HR teams can manage requests via a service console that also provides recommendations based on the request, Salesforce said.
  • Employee Concierge Bots — These conversational chatbots can surface knowledge articles and escalation paths for employees, Salesforce said.
  • A Service Catalog — Allows employees to view which products and IT support services are available upon request.

The HR Service Center and Employee Concierge Bots will be generally available (GA) next month, and Wellbeing, Talent, and Service Catalog will follow in November. Pricing will be detailed at GA time, Salesforce said.