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Nooka Joins Tiny Office Movement

As I mentioned in my previous post, “Your Backyard, Your Office: Rethinking WFH Space,” many work-from-home employees fantasize about the comfort and luxury of having a quiet, dedicated space for the day’s work. This statement especially rings true if they have pets, children, or a significant other pulling their patience in different directions and hindering productivity.
Nooka, an Irish startup, has joined the ranks of companies to solve this problem, offering what it calls a proximity office space — a tiny modular-like office available to rent a la Airbnb. That means Nooka is promoting its rental pod as something a worker might lease not only for their own backyard use, but also to rent out to friends, family, and strangers (like Airbnb does). Working from community spaces has gained popularity, but that’s not an option right now “as most coworking spaces are closed at the moment,” John Davies, a marketer for Nooka, said in a call with WorkSpace Connect.
Designed in conjunction with office furniture-maker Steelcase, Nooka Space is a Wi-Fi-connected, plug-and-play pod equipped with a full workstation, featuring an electric height-adjustable desk, ergonomic chair, and whiteboard. Renters can search for and book time at a nearby Nooka Space via a mobile app, which also enables control of heating/cooling, lighting, and the pod’s smart lock, Davies said.
These brightly colored pods are available in two models: Nooka One (97 square feet) is suitable for one person, while Nooka Two (129 sq. ft) is practical for two people, Davies said. Each Nooka Space comes equipped as specified above, with additional features such as air-quality monitoring, smoke detection, and terrace available depending on one of three subscriptions — Blue, Orange, and Yellow — selected. Monthly fees range from about $360 to $725, said Davies, noting that the Yellow subscription is for workers who do not want to rent out their spaces to others. Nooka charges an additional fee for shipping and setup, which Davies said takes a two-person service team less than two hours to do.
Nooka is accepting orders for its pre-built office spaces and expects to begin shipping in March. The company’s goal is to deliver the first 50 units by April, starting in western Europe, Davies said. Americans don’t need to fret, as Nooka considers the U.S. a target market, as well, Davies said.