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Office Origami: Making the Most of Tools & Technologies

While the exact origin of origami — the art of paper folding — is unclear, in all its forms, origami takes a plain piece of paper and transforms it into something more.
For many years, through writing, speaking, consulting and advisory services, we have been trying to help organizations make something more from their technology tools. As such, “Office Origami” is an apt title for our new WorkSpace Connect video series with its aim of helping you better leverage technology.
In the first several episodes, we focus on powerful but often unknown or under-utilized capabilities of Microsoft Office related to scheduling, task management, effective meetings, and presentations.
Specifically in episode 1, below, we explain how to automatically create space between meetings, in order to avoid the “back-to-back-to-back” meeting syndrome that is contributing to video and meeting fatigue. And we also show you how to quickly create a contact, task, or appointment directly from an email.
Beyond the initial episodes, we will transition to focus on specific roles in human resources, facilities/real estate, and IT management. And, through interviews with key business leaders, we will explore how specific technologies can optimize line of business productivity, as we all deal with the increase in hybrid work and the need for on-going effective hybrid collaboration and creativity.
Welcome to Office Origami.