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CES 2022 News: Portl Reveals Hologram Device, Targus Launches UV Light


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Image: Ammentorp Photography - Alamy Stock Photo
New year, new website feature: We’ll be doing recaps of news related to the modern workplace, covering HR, IT, and facility products and services so readers have up-to-date coverage on the products, software, and services that they might find helpful in creating their workplaces of the future.
Today, we share several news stories out of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) around hologram technology and a UV device to reduce pathogens in commercial spaces. Then, we look at an update to a mental health platform and a consulting session for HR and learning and development (L&D) professionals on improving workforce and learning strategies.
Portl Brings Holograms to the Table
First, holographic provider Portl revealed its latest tabletop holographic communication and media device, Portl M, at CES. Available in a black and white finish, Portl M features an AI-enabled smart camera, integrated speakers, and an HD touchscreen display, as Portl shared on its website. Portl M is powered by the Portl Cloud, allowing users to film and stream content from a mobile device to project as a hologram on Portl M. Currently, the Portl M device is available for preorder with a $100 deposit, with a release date forthcoming.
To learn more about Portl and using hologram technology in the workplace, read this article from WorkSpace Connect writer Dana Casielles, where she interviews Portl’s CEO.
Targus Shines a (UV) Light on Pathogens
Also, at CES, mobile computing accessories provider Targus launched its UV-C LED Disinfection Light, an AC-powered device that uses UV-C light to reduce pathogens on surfaces. Certified as UL 962 under the Standard for Safety for Household and Commercial Furnishings, the desktop device will turn on and run for five minutes, every hour, to reduce pathogens on a surface. Additionally, the device comes with a built-in auto shut-off feature that uses motion sensors to determine if there is activity in the cleaning area and will postpone the cleaning by five minutes if it does.
Retailing for $299.99, the UV-C LED Disinfection Light will be available starting next month from Targus's website and authorized resellers.


UV-C LED Disinfection Light

Targus's UV-C LED Disinfection Light displayed on a desktop.

LifeSpeak Updates Mental Health and Wellness Platform
Mental health and wellbeing software provider LifeSpeak announced the latest version of its mental health platform, LifeSpeak 5.0. Users can now access a Learning Hub and Training Hub feature, which will curate customized content playlists around specific mental health or HR-related topics. Video pages will also provide recommendations to related tools, tip sheets, and other external resources. Additionally, employers can use a new client bulletin board feature to communicate with their employees directly on things like upcoming wellness initiatives or shares messages related to mental health.
WeLearn Launches Session on Improving Workforce and Learning Strategies
Learning solution and workforce development company WeLearn launched a free consulting session exploring how to optimize learning technology stacks and how to create more employee engagement with learning. The session, dubbed WeLearnX, is designed to provide insight into workforce and learning strategies to HR professionals, L&D strategists, and professionals in training, development, and upskilling.
“Whether you are looking to change the way you deliver learning or how you recruit and retain workers, if you do not have a well thought out strategy, the odds of success will not be in your favor," Sean Stowers, WeLearn CEO, said in the press release. "With strategic thinking and thoughtful design, it is possible to reach your learners where they are and inspire them to upskill, reskill, and learn - advancing both individuals and organizations."